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Minnesota Motorcycle Accident

The lack of any substantial protective barriers between a motorcycle and the road, as well as the difficulty that other motorists may have in anticipating and seeing a motorcycle, leave riders prone to serious injury in the event of an accident. Motorcycle riders, therefore, must be aware of their legal rights and remedies if they are involved in a traffic accident.

The Risks of the Road for Motorcycle Riders

Some of the unique problems faced by motorcycle riders on the road include:

  • Visual Recognition.
  • Road Hazards
  • Speed "Wobble" Accidents
  • Riding Skills; Familiarity.

The injuries characteristic of motorcycle accidents can be very serious or fatal:

  • Traumatic brain injury or closed head wounds
  • Disabling injuries to the back or neck
  • Severe burns or lacerations
  • Soft tissue damage to the knee, ankle, or shoulder
  • Multiple fractures
  • Spinal Injuries resulting in paralysis or quadriplegia
  • Amputation of an arm or leg

We take motorcycle accidents seriously. Motorcycle accidents can be extremely dangerous because motorcycle drivers lack the protection of seatbelts or the outside protection of a car. Many motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries and too many result in death.

Road accidents, including motorcycle accidents usually occur because of negligence. Three-quarters of all motorcycle accidents involve a car or other motor vehicle. A negligent driver is not excused because they "didn't see the motorcycle."

If you've been injured in a Minnesota motorcycle accident, an attorney can explain that you have the same rights as a person riding in a car. But the Minnesota motorcycle accident attorneys / lawyers at METRO LAW OFFICES, LTD. know the differences between car accident cases and motorcycle accident cases.

Call us today for a free consultation with a Minnesota motorcycle accident attorney that will fight until the end for you: 763-592-0200 or 1-866-665-2911 (toll free).

Motorcycle accidents are most likely to occur in these high-risk situations:

    Left Turns
    The most common car-motorcycle collisions are at an intersection when the automobile driver is making a left turn in front of a motorcycle.
    Car's Blind Spot
    Motorcycles riding alongside a lane of cars are often out of the view of the driver. An unsuspecting driver may collide with a motorcyclist as the driver tries to change lanes.
    Large Vehicles
    A large vehicle, such as a van or semi truck, can block a motorcycle from a driver's view. The motorcyclist may seem to suddenly appear from nowhere.
    Hazardous Road Conditions
    Potholes, fallen tree limbs, or railroad tracks may be minor problems for many drivers, whereas a motorcyclist may have to slow down or change lanes to avoid these obstacles.
    Weather Conditions
    When the road surface is wet or icy, motorcyclists' braking and handling abilities are impaired.
    Strong Winds
    A strong gust of wind can move a motorcycle across an entire lane if the rider isn't prepared for it. Wind gusts from large trucks in the other lane can be a real hazard.

It is extremely important to wear a helmet because are the result of a head injury. Wearing a motorcycle helmet lowers the risk of fatal injury by 29 percent and reduces the risk of traumatic brain injury by 67 percent.


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